Culture Fail: Two Shows One Night

For many years Corvallis residents have had to resign themselves to driving to Eugene or Portland to see their favorite bands. Corvallis simply lacked a suitable venue (or suitable management or effort within that venue) to support popular bands. For an alternative and quirky college town like Corvallis, this was remarkable, and disappointing.

However, things are changing. The Majestic Theatre has new staff and new focus, and a great fall lineup of musicians and theater. The Whiteside Theatre, while still striving to rehabilitate and fully reopen, is hosting a number of bands and events this fall.

For example, next week the Majestic Theatre is hosting Portland Cello Project and the Whiteside is hosting Cherry Poppin’ Daddies. And while all this bodes well in the long run, in the short run: why are these bands booked ON THE SAME NIGHT?!

OK, sure, maybe we should be happy that instead of no music there are two venues showing two shows, even if they overlap. And sure, maybe the two bands won’t attract the same crowd. But come on people, this is ridiculous: we go from nothing to full-fledged competition? The Majestic and Whiteside are bedrock community organizations that should support one another and work in harmony for the benefit of the Corvallis community. On the most basic level, this should involve some sort of working relationship about non-competition. Even the $33 billion dollar National Football League rescheduled its opening game to a Wednesday so as not to compete with President Obama’s Democratic Convention speech. For the benefit of Corvallis music-lovers and their own ticket sales, surely our theaters could do the same.

We’re all friends here, so allow us to introduce you two: Majestic meet Whiteside. You two should talk.

By Nathaniel Brodie



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