Artist Profile: Jonathan Day

Bach in Heaven by Jonathan Day

Gaia by Jonathan Day

Fall by Jonathan Day

Talented local artist Jonathan Day has been creating art in Corvallis since 1979. His beautiful watercolor paintings and pen-and-ink creations often focus on the human form in nature; he combines the images he recalls from his childhood growing up in the wilderness in Juneau, Alaska, with his fascination with the human figure.  A word that comes to mind when viewing his work is ethereal.

Bonsai by Jonathan Day

At Home by Jonathan Day

“For me, it’s the human form and figure. The gestures of hands, the lines of graceful movement in a dancer, the ripple of muscle in a strong young man, the textures of hair, the shadows on a cheek, are things I can never get my fill of looking at, trying to understand, trying to render on paper or canvas. We are beautiful.”  – Jonathan Day

Jonathan’s years of dedication to the study of human anatomy have allowed him the freedom to explore his creativity without the restrictions of a model.  His interpretation of the female form is whimsical, charming and elegant – the hair of his female figures often seems propelled by some unseen gale.

You can view more of Jonathan’s work, purchase prints and original art, and follow his detailed drawing tutorials by checking out his website: You can also follow him on Facebook:


Jonathan Day

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