About Us

The Corvallis Advocate is a fiercely independent daily newspaper serving Corvallis, Oregon. We provide daily coverage online in addition to a printed magazine with deeper dives on the issues every first and third Thursday of the month. Hosting regular town hall and debate events are also a core part of our service.

Our primary purpose is to advocate for our shared community. The Corvallis Advocate is led by an Editorial Board, and is locally owned.



We seek to serve the whole community, its deep weave of subcultures and voices not ordinarily heard from, alongside its most prominent.


We seek to celebrate and champion anyone and anything that may interest the shared community. To provide a platform for those without power or oppressed. To be an ally when help is sought, and be a voice for the vulnerable and voiceless. We will advocate for the best interests of our community and its people.

Definitiveness & Rigor

We aim to publish definitively thorough articles that our broad constituencies can accept as a common pool of information, or baseline facts, even as such constituencies may ordinarily disagree with one another. We value definitiveness. We believe that opinion should be based on deep thoughtful application of fact and objective research.

Risk & Open Mindedness
We value seeing matters from a diversity of viewpoints, experimentation and, both personal and social redefinition. We aim to challenge ourselves and the opinions of others through voice-laden think and research pieces, which beg the greater questions while considering every cog in the machine.

Social Justice

We believe all people deserve the best opportunity possible in their pursuits of individual happiness, fulfillment and actualization, and that peace and safety are basic to these needs – that social constructs must provide the framework to succeed in these pursuits.

Spirit & Science

We seek to appreciate and present the rich tapestry of practices and questions that come from seeking spiritually, metaphysically and scientifically.


We adhere to an evidence based scientific approach to writing, and act with an impulse to leave the smallest footprint possible. We recognize the demand for much of our work to be printed and commit to printing on recycled paper as available, using printers that require minimal solvents and heat, and to printing based on demand.

Fun, Fitness, Arts, Entertainment

We believe the universe is laughing and, we see it as a fun room – we value hard work and massive play, and all means of expression.


Moving past the curtain of our pages, we commit to presenting and participating in public events, participating in social media and being responsive to comment. We are not apart from the community in any way.

Learning & Integrity

We believe in the constant improvement of our community, our own organization and our staff.  This cannot be achieved without rigorous assessment and commitment to right action, always. Inherent bias is everywhere; and writing is never right the first time. We’re willing to revise, to listen, and to learn. We seek to offer and advocate for excellence.


Our mission is to advocate for the highest good of the community, by transcending divisions and building bridges between different people groups near and far. We aim to seek out and promote those that do their best to propel the community forward on its evolutionary track through positive nourishing practices, while, at the same time, offering support to those that are marred, misrepresented, and misunderstood.


Editorial material must further our values and mission. We welcome comment, alternative views and guest submissions. Guest materials become the property of The Corvallis Advocate and, will run at the discretions of our editors. Requests for reconsideration will first be submitted to our editors, with appeals available through: firstly, our Editorial Board, secondly, our full staff and thirdly, our Advisory Committee.

Guests submissions may not reflect the opinions of some or all of our staff and editors


Advertising must demonstrate integrity. We cannot accept advertising that conflicts with our values or mission. If an advertiser disagrees with a rejection, they may appeal to first, our Editorial Board, secondly, our full staff, and thirdly to our Advisory Committee and/or Publisher.