Advocate Adds Patreon

Earlier this week, The Corvallis Advocate launched a Patreon page seeking monthly sustainer pledges from its readership. Patreon is a website that makes a monthly giving model accessible and intuitive. We are grateful to all that have donated, and believe these contributions will not only help with an increase in pay to our current staffing, but allow us to eventually add more reporters to serve the community.

The paper often receives one-time gifts of $50 to $100, but not everyone can do that. The Patreon model has proved smaller monthly donors can have just as much impact as larger one time contributors, and possibly even more. For instance, a $20 monthly contribution adds to the editorial budget, and even $10 monthly pays for 66 free copies of The Advocate. These free print copies are important for lower income readers that may not have Internet access.

Papers like The Advocate cannot exist without donors, and we thank all that have come forward to do what they can. For those reading this who haven’t yet contributed, we hope you will consider helping now. Together, we can make Corvallis one of the few places actually adding local reporters, and offering alternative journalism from an independent and locally-owned paper.

Please visit our Patreon page: You can also snail mail the form on page 2, or visit the support page on our website.