Won’t You Be Our Neighbors?

About this issue…

“The greatest thing we can do is let somebody know that they are loved, and capable of loving.” ~ Mister Rogers

This issue is about all of us. Though it would be impossible for these pages to encompass every voice in our community, the individuals represented here come from diverse backgrounds to impart on us their wisdom of what it means to be a good neighbor.

Wherever I go these days, the city seems abuzz about the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” film, detailing the life and legacy of television host Mister (Fred) Rogers. A radical hero to many generations, Mister Rogers taught the value of creating unity, or community, from a loving foundation.

The Advocate’s most important role in the Corvallis community is and always has been our mission in spreading love and compassion, while exposing multifaceted truths, through advocacy. Which is why we fit as many voices as we could onto these following pages. We’d like to continue our work and advocacy, however, as we’ve said before, we’re up against a strong current in the endangered world of alt news, struggling week after week to survive.

Help Us Survive Summer
We’ve already raised $5560 of the $16,500 we need this summer, and we thank each and every individual and business who has been so kind to pledge or donate to our cause, as well as all who’ve lent their ears during our time of need and outreach.

Now we extend this special edition, and one special invitation to all who are willing to join us during two upcoming screenings of “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” at Darkside Cinema in downtown Corvallis this Saturday, July 28, and Tuesday, July 31. Each donation of $100 gets 2 free tickets to either showing, 7 p.m. on Saturday, or 8 p.m
on Tuesday.

We welcome you to meet and ask questions of Advocate staff, to whom all proceeds will go to. Our writers, your neighbors, thank you for your time and hope you enjoy this special edition of The Corvallis Advocate. 

With love,
Stevie Beisswanger, Editor-in-Chief

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