State Legislative Endorsements

We endorse Sara Gelser for State Senate District 8. Dan Rayfield, State Representative, District 16 is unopposed. Gelser and Rayfield have performed exceedingly well, and seem capable of balancing statewide needs with local needs. However, we’d like to see more legislative provision for our local circumstances, generally — and more work on housing and homelessness, specifically. Both these endorsees are Democrats.

For State Representative District 23, Danny Jaffer seems like an ideal choice. He is supported by multiple parties, even though he’s a registered Democrat. His chief opponent is Republican incumbent Mike Nearman, who has been tied to Oregon hate groups. And by tied, we mean our reporting in September found him sitting on the board of Oregonians For Immigration Reform, a group founded and maintained by white supremacists. Nearman is a major mover behind Measure 105, which seeks to strip Oregon of its heritage as a sanctuary state for immigrants. Please vote Jaffer.