Rando Questionnaire #3: Fall for Thoughts

There’s something about the leaves changing, the crisp air with all it’s smells swishing by that gets me really thinking. With each Fall comes the impulse to retreat into my brain and contemplate my place inside this bizarre and beautiful universe. If you’re anything like me, perhaps you’ll enjoy this fresh set of random self-exploratory prompts:

• You are in a wild garden full of crops and flowers. What do you forage for? What do you create with your bounty?

• What are the 3 most common negative things you think or say about yourself? How can you flip the script and see these qualities as assets, or a source of growth or strength?

• Paraphrasing Mr. Roger’s, “We’ve all had someone who’s loved us into loving, who’s smiled us into smiling…” Who’s that person (or people) for you? What qualities did they possess —what did they do or say that fostered these feelings in you?

• Learn something new about your ancestry. Ask your relatives or do some digging/research. Write down what you found most intriguing and why.

• How would you describe your spiritual health? Where do you go to fill up, and where are you lacking?

• Write some prose or poetry from the perspective of Planet Earth:






By Stevie Beisswanger