Créme de la Corvallis: Week of Jan 18

Anyone who ever said there’s nothing to do in Corvallis clearly hasn’t tasted that sweet crème. Actually, I probably have said that several times and am literally swimming in the crème. I’m a bad example. Just read the list and plan accordingly. Pretend I’m not even here.

Thursday, January 18

Ben Mutschler et al @ Cloudy and Kelly’s Public House

126 SW First St., Corvallis. 8:30 p.m. Free

Jazzy jazz jazz for your empty jazz bladder. For some jazzily updated information, take a peek at

Noah Kite + Michele Dedman Trio @ Bombs Away Café

2527 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 10 pm. $5.

After you catch the jazzy jazz jazz at Cloud’s, why not hop on over to Bomb’s for some swag and an extra dose of jazziness with a bit of chamber pop tossed in? Thankfully there is no good reason why not. Lucky you!For info, visit

Friday, January 19

Haus of Dharma + D.J. GitDown @ Cloudy and Kelly’s Public House

126 SW First St., Corvallis. 10 p.m. $5.

Ever wondered what it felt like to party hard as hell to some poundin’ sound and just generally have a wonderful time? To do just that, show up. For updated info on the topic, visit

Plankton Wat + Dolphin Midwives + IFCD + Mike Gamble @ Bombs Away Café

2527 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 10 p.m. $7.

There’s nowhere near enough space to tell you all about how badas* this show is going to be, so you’re just going to have to trust me. This website will keep you in the loop: Besides that, do these things:,, and

Saturday, January 20

Winter Guitar Concert Series @ Corvallis-Benton County Public Library

645 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 3-4 p.m. Free.

Flamenco guitar duo Berto Boyd and Grant Ruiz will be on hand to spread their genius over you like jelly. Really, really good jelly. They’ll be popping off tunes from their”Convivencia” record, and you’re going to love it. Paranoid about the details? Check out

Terry Robb + Adam Scramstad @ Cloudy and Kelly’s Public House

126 SW First St., Corvallis. 7 p.m. Free.

Adam Scramstad is one of Corvallis’ musical treasures, and I’ll stake my life on it. Maybe not my whole life… just like a finger or two. But seriously, two fingers. If Adam was joined on stage by a hot dog with a contact mic I’d be psyched, so having the brilliant Terry Robb on the bill is a real treat. Take a listen at and For futher stuff, visit

Caraya + WOKR. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 10 p.m. $5. and will be doing the DJ thing and you might hurt yourself moving around all weird to the music. At least that’s what the aliens spying on you will think. For info, visit

Sunday, January 21

Multi-Artist Studio CLEARANCE Sale Event @ Downtown Corvallis. Noon-4 p.m.

Some local artists are selling a whole lot of stuff and you should probably show your commitment to the human race with a few well placed dollars. The big, fat list can be found in our calendar. You can turn the page… I believe in you.

Spoken Word/Poetry Open Mic @ Cloudy and Kelly’s Public House, 126 SW First St., Corvallis. 7 p.m. Free.

There’s not a whole lot of this around, so if you’re into doing weird things with the written or spoken word, get out of the basement (you have one, right?) and engage. For info, visit

Tuesday, January 23

Pencils, Pens, & Drinks with Friends. @ Bombs Away Café

2527 NW Monroe Ave., Corvallis. 8 p.m. Free.

Also crayons, colored pencils, lipstick, creamy cheese sauce… whatever you want (though they may not provide all of that). Drink a thing, draw a thing, or any combination of the sort. Because it’s fun, you fool. For info, visit

Thursday, January 25

Art Bar at the Arts Center @The Arts Center

700 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis. 5-9 p.m. $10.

As part of Corvallis Culinary Week, The Arts Center has decided to go straight for desert – and I’m not talkin’ corn flakes and cheap ice cream. Vivacity Spirits, Spiritopia Liqueurs, and 4 Spirits Distillery will be mixing specialty cocktail things that include their own liquid wares and those of each other. Appetizers, pedicab rides to and from downtown… all on the art walk. Yup yup yup. For info, visit

Kaitlin Sevy @ Cloudy and Kelly’s Public House

126 SW First St., Corvallis. 9:30 p.m. Free.

Bam: Wonderful folky alternative country-ish sound stuff, straight out of your dreams and into your ears. For free. Also, I realize that’s a feedback loop. Don’t worry, it’s safe. For info, visit

By Sam Campbell

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