Advocate Community Give-A-Thon, Dec 4

Not long ago, we received thanks from K9 Care A Van telling us our coverage of them spurred a $5,000 donation, and a $10,000 challenge grant for the service. They offer homeless folks the opportunity to complete important tasks like attend medical appointments and seek employment as they care for their pets. Pet ownership and companionship can be vital for someone experiencing the isolation of homelessness, and the homeless tend to be very attentive to their animal companions.

About the same time, we published deeply researched work on Oregon’s network of hate groups, and shocking revelations about Orca extinction from area scientists. 

Since last May, we’ve worked steadfastly to improve the paper, and even to go beyond our pages, for instance offering seven candidate debates free to the public this last election, along with our other CitySpeak events.

We have been especially pleased to offer regular Storytelling Nights, which draw a large cross section of people that would not usually mix — all of them exchanging true personal stories. Also in May, we made our website vastly more useable, and just these last few weeks, we’ve worked to make our events calendar more accessable and better representative of the paper’s values (listed on our website).

Artists, venues, and public service agencies have come to depend on The Advocate to get the word out for them —and so have many individuals that would otherwise not be heard at all. 

We Need Your Help
To continue our work in the community, we’ll need ongoing financial support from individual readers and donors, like you. It used to be that alternative newsweeklies were entirely supported by advertisers, but that time has passed, so now we’re asking the wider community that values our content to help pay for it.

Anyone that’s read our financial disclosures knows we’re at a crossroads; on the one hand, we seek to grow and deepen our efforts, and on the other, we are hoping we can remain free to the public, and still offer all our current services and public initiatives. 

In short, we’re paying debts, while costs increase, and ad dollars are increasingly rare. We hope you’ll consider pledging.

Give-a-Thon Scheduled, But You Can Pledge Now
Not all is grim, and also, it doesn’t all have to be all about us. 

We’ve scheduled a Tuesday, December 4, Give-a-Thon. Kicking off at 6:30 p.m. at Old World Deli, expect to see about ten other causes we’re hoping you’ll support: think homeless shelters, and such. 

There will be games, a free raffle, and prizes like  you would expect at an event like this, along with a cadre of mercifully short-winded keynote speakers like Mayor Biff Traber, and Pegasus Arts Curator Paige Shumway. General badass and School Board President Vince Adams is set to emcee the evening until 9 p.m. 

We will also be starting a holiday letter writing campaign for direct care workers and adults and adolescents who are jailed, homeless, or institutionalized during the holidays.

Can’t make the Give-a-Thon, but still want to contribute? Visit our website’s Support Us page, or mail a check to PO Box 2700, Corvallis, OR 97339.