How to Race Bikes in Corvallis

Whether you long for team spirit or just feel the call of competition, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in pedal bike races near Corvallis. Although in some instances you may end up traveling to reach the actual race, Corvallis also has excellent spots to train your body and get in shape for that next racing event.

Two prominent bike racing teams in Corvallis are the OSU Cycling team and the Corvallis Cyclery Racing team. If you are attending OSU, you can join their racing team which participates in both road and mountain bike events. On top of hosting weekly riding events year-round, the OSU Cycling team offers a community to ride with and affordable access to collegiate racing.

Corvallis Cyclery is the title sponsor for Mary’s Bicycle Racing Collective; the team was established in 2013. Its riders focus on mountain bike and off-road racing, but they do participate in some road and gravel races as well. The team mainly competes in Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) races but does attend some out-of-state events. Providing a positive community and being good sports are only a couple of the team’s mission statements – another is representing not only Corvallis Cyclery, but the many other local sponsors that help make the team possible.

Not interested in toting team colors but still want to race? Check out the calendar on the OBRA website. There, you can see all upcoming races in Oregon, where they are, and any information you need to register.

If racing is something you are interested in but you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger, you are in a good spot to get some practice. From the grueling climb of Marys Peak to the almost endless country backroads, you can get in tune with your own level of intensity.

An important tool for this is a good phone app. Strava is one of the most popular. Beyond mapping your route, it also provides a number of helpful metrics like elevation change, speed, duration, and calories burned. It also provides leaderboards where you can compare your performance to friends or other people who have ridden the same segments.

Another good app is MapMyRide. Similar in most functions, I personally like MapMyRide because of the database of routes shared by other people. For instance, on its website you can search through nearly 4,000 route entries for Corvallis and be sure that whoever posted it did so because it was a good ride. Both Strava and MapMyRide are free and available for iPhone and Android.

Drop by Corvallis Cyclery or hit up the OSU Cycling team’s Facebook page and find out how to get involved in pedal biking at its finest. 

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By Anthony Vitale