Quick Bites

I dare you to eat this (figurative, massive) burrito in 5 seconds or less. Okay ready, set… go! Wait, wait that’s not what we mean by quick bites, is it? No, I think what we mean is here’s a list of food served up speedy – devoid of all those commercial fast-food chains that normally don’t support the community. Remember: shop local, even when it’s on the fly. 

5th St. Growlers, 420 NW 3rd St.
For a great pub ambience that can’t be easily beat, 5th St. Growlers is the spot to be. It is warm, inviting, and relaxing. It is reasonably priced, and the monthly specials are what many customers love and are eager to try.

La Rockita, 370 SW Western Blvd
and 1416 NW 9th Street 

Who doesn’t love a good burrito, especially when it’s the size of your head? If you’re hungry and in a hurry, head to La Rockita for a tasty Mexican dish. The Super Grande features three types of meat, and it’s perfect for all you carnivores. They also have other traditional dishes like tacos, tamales, and fajitas. If you wake up late but still crave some eggs, check out the breakfast burritos.

Baguette Vietnamese Sandwiches
121 SW 3rd St.

Want some bang for your buck? Baguette has you covered by serving up scrumptious sandwiches like beef lemongrass, curry tofu, and the pork meatball shumai, as well as soups, steam buns, and rolls all for under $10. Sit inside and people watch 3rd street, or capitalize on their quick service and take it to go. Either way, you’re in for a treat. 

Roxy Dawgs

1425 NW Monroe, Suite G
The chain originated in Salem, but now has a branch in Cobblestone Square on Monroe via a walk-up window. There, you can get the hot dog of your childhood, with packets or cups of the condiments of your choice – mustard, jalapenos, sauerkraut and the house sauce (but I wouldn’t bother – it’s a form of ketchup, and no right-thinking person puts ketchup on a hot dog).   

The Little Lunch Box

136 SW 2nd St.
When looking for a quick place to grab a cheap lunch or meal, the Little Lunch Box is a great option. Their menu items range from $3 to $6 for hot dogs, quesadillas, tacos, and nachos. Bonus: on Tuesdays the tacos are only $0.50. They’re best known for their hot dogs; either beef, polish, or veggie. They also offer a long list of toppings and sides. 

Sugoi Sushi
1830 NW 9th St

Take a seat at either the wrap-around bar, or in a comfortable booth along the side. Dishes on the conveyer belt are priced according to plate color, and the number of plates used is counted at the end. Don’t be afraid to order specific dishes from the menu as well. But be warned, this place can get packed at night.

Alley Gyro

121 SW 3rd St. Corvallis
Tucked away in a small space along a downtown alley, this café serves up Greek style gyros, falafel, fries, and fresh salads all day long. A large buffet of toppings is available to add your own ingredients as well as homemade tzatziki sauce. Although there is barely enough space to sit, it’s cheap and quick, making it a local favorite. For the price, portions are very generous.


360 NW 5th St
Craving a giant burrito at 3 a.m.? Thirsty for a soda the size of a small child? Head to Riva’s: the last bastion of 24-hour Mexican food in the Corvallis area. With low prices and portions that would make a competitive eater sweat, this restaurant has everything you could want whether you’re sober, drunk, or hungover. Head in for friendly staff, fast service, and none of the gastric distress that comes with Taco Bell.

University Calzone
2047 NW Monroe Ave

With a veritable monopoly on the Corvallis calzone market and prime location to cater to student cravings, University Calzone does one thing and does it well. The place is as casual as a bar, and so are the prices. Menu options are essentially different configurations of the same dozen or so ingredients, but that’s perfect. Get in, don’t pay too much, leave in minutes with hot, cheesy goodness in hand.

University Hero

211 SW 5th St
It’s a bit of a hole in the wall, but don’t be dissuaded, even if it’s packed. University Hero supplies reasonable heroic full and half sandwiches that are made with real ingredients – the kind you talk about after taking a bite. The bread is thick and chewy, and provides a tasty place to get a grip on a meaty meal.

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