Nectar Creek’s New Nest

Local awesomeness Nectar Creek will soon be opening their new facility in Philomath within the next couple of months, and boy are we in for a treat. Offering expanded brewing capacity to meet demand and Philomath’s first taproom, this place will be a sight to behold. Brothers Phillip and Nick Lorenz have been a’brew’n this mighty fine operation for a number of years and the hard work is finally paying off.

There was no way to know how wildly successful Nectar Creek would be when selling their first batches of mead in Corvallis way back in the fall of 2012. However, the notion of going in to business together has followed the brothers since childhood. 

The decision to brew mead began first with an interest in agriculture, followed by their introduction to the craft brewing scene. Thanks to Phillip putting in nearly a decade at a large bee farm, the pair realized what they had to do.

For those who may not be familiar with Nectar Creek, or the wonderful creation of humans and nature known as mead, it is time to get wise. 

Mead is absolutely ancient, first appearing somewhere around 8,000 years ago. There is archeological evidence that the ancient Chinese brewed it, Vedic scared texts described it, the Greeks loved it, and the Romans were careful to differentiate it from wine flavored with honey.

What makes mead mead is that fermentation relies almost exclusively on the sugars of honey. Though other flavor ingredients can be added, in Nectar Creek’s case raspberry, ginger, sage, hops, and hibiscus to name a few, it’s the sweet bee-juice that makes it legit.

Nectar Creek has taken this process in a more modern direction with much success. They offer what is known as session mead – meads that are less than 10 percent ABV and carbonated.  Designed to be light, thirst quenching, and refreshing, in 2015 Nectar Creek brought home the gold, silver, and bronze from The Mazer Cup International; the world’s largest mead competition.

Since operations began, distribution has steadily increased and now reaches coast to coast and north to south. This increase in demand has been a driving force in the decision to expand operations. Their newly constructed building offers a family-friendly taproom serving lunch, dinner, and of course, fresh brewed mead. A patio chill-space is also part of the new digs for summer sip’n.

I know you are just as excited as I am, but the bad news is we still have to wait another month or two while they put on the finishing touches. If you want to peep the new setup before opening day, head on down HWY 34 just past the Woodsman restaurant. 

In the meantime, check ‘em out on Instagram for the latest updates and grab yourself a bottle of Nectar Creek because after all, it’s the bee’s knees.

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By Anthony Vitale