Deserts and Novelties to Brighten Your Day

In this list you will find some of the tastiest goodies Corvallis has to offer, but that’s not all. Also included are a couple novelties that allow you to take the power into your own hands. What do I mean by that? Read the list and find out… see what I did there?

New Morning Bakery

219 SW 2nd St
I was one of the first people to eat a baked goodie from the New Morning Bakery, back when it was just a bakery. Decades later, the pastries at the New Morning are still the best in Corvallis, quite possibly the best in Oregon. A cookie with a cup of tea or a butterhorn with coffee will cost you about $6.

Le Patissier

956 NW Circle Blvd
Getting pastry at Le Patissier is about providing yourself with an enjoyable experience. You may feel underdressed when you walk in, but the staff will make you feel welcome. If New Morning Bakery’s pastries are made by the hippie grandma you never had, Le Patissier’s are made by the personal chef of the wealthy grandmother on the other side of the family (that’s some crazy family you never had).  A high point is that their eclairs are filled with cream, not custard. One of their eclairs or a slice of torte and an espresso will run you about $10. 

Benny’s Donuts

116 NW 3rd St
Benny’s donuts are super tasty. They are fluffy, moist, and flavored wonderfully with both classic toppings like chocolate icing, and interesting options like Marionberry with rosemary. You can also choose your own toppings and watch as they dip the donuts before your very eyes. Do check your bank account first because they don’t come cheap – but if you got the cash then Benny’s has got the flavor. 

Baklava Mediterranean Café
453 SW Madison Ave

Looking for a gyro or pita? Baklava has what you need at prices you don’t mind paying. If you do drop over $10, expect to get yourself a platter with a variety of treats over saffron and rice. Get a cup of Turkish or Mediterranean coffee, or an imported beer while waiting on your food. Sitting space is limited, but most fairs are light and easy to order to-go. 


208 SW 2nd St
You can get delicious gelato at Francesco’s. They put it into tiny plastic cups that you can drop in their recycling bins, or take home to use as tiny dishes later on. Definitely a treat. Smooth and cold, and tasting of its various ingredients: coffee, cream, blueberries, caramel, pistachio nuts, cherries, and more. 

Corvallis Brewing Supply
119 SW 4th St

We are truly a lucky community to have such a wonderful resource right in our downtown. Corvallis Brewing Supply almost literally has it all, and what they don’t have, they can probably get for you. While most obviously catering to homebrewers and beer enthusiasts, they also offer wine and soda making, kombucha brewing, personally milled flour for baking, and of course, cheese making ingredients. This place is like a candy shop and a Toys-R-Us for adults.

Death by Donutz

1425 NW Monroe Ave
In the mood for something sweet for breakfast? Death by Donutz is the place to go. They have a large menu, featuring both classic and designer doughnuts. From chocolate iced to root beer float, this place takes care of Corvallis’ breakfast fix. In the mood for something sweet without having to leave the comfort of your home or pajamas? No problem, they deliver! 

Burst’s Chocolates
353 SW Madison Ave

Burst’s Chocolates operates in a location that’s been a candy store for 78 years. In the spirit of tradition, they provide Corvallis with a large, decadent selection of chocolates that seriously melt in your mouth. They’re famous for their dark chocolate almond bark, which like all their dark chocolate is vegan and gluten free, and their dark chocolate salted caramels. They also use local jams and nuts for their fillings.  

Oregon Coffee & Tea 
215 NW Monroe Ave.

Oregon Coffee & Tea offers one of the largest varieties of tea options in Corvallis and a wide selection of coffees as well. Their tea is more expensive than name brands like Lipton or Stash, but it’s also much tastier. The staff are very helpful, explaining the different varieties and what brewing methods are preferable. They also sell almost every form of Hydro Flask as well as brewing tools for coffee and tea. 

DIY Tea & Beyond

1849 NW 9th St
Embrace your bubbly and get yo’self to DIY Tea, which has all the flavors to satisfy your cravings. Not just boba, DIY has red bean, aloe vera, lychee, and other jelly supplements for your straw-slurping adventures. Literally, customers do it themselves as far as creating the perfect blend from different types of teas and flavors to enjoy in their cozy couch setting. Added bonus: there’s private karaoke in the back.


151 NW Monroe Ave
Wineopolis knows wine, and the staff at Wineopolis is always ready to help a customer find that perfect pairing, or track down a new favorite. This kind of knowledgeable service makes all the difference when deciding to try something for the first time. The selection is vast, and can comfortably cater to folks in regards to price.

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