Deals that Deliver and Delivery Deals

This humble list has the key to saving things… some things. Mostly just your time by including delivery places, and your money by telling you about some good places to keep in mind while waiting for that next check.

550 NE Circle Blvd

Munchies delivers when you visit, or call 888-35-MUNCH. For a $3 delivery fee, they’ll go to any of several local restaurants and pick up food for you, including coffee, hamburgers, pizza, subs, Chinese takeout and more. They also have their own convenience store, and can deliver an assortment of packaged snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to tip your driver. 

Cirello’s Pizza

919 NW Circle Blvd
Family owned, locally sourced, seasonal toppings, what else do I need to say? How about that their style is descended from New York Italians, and can be seen in such options like the RJC with olive oil instead of sauce, diced tomatoes, basil, minced garlic, oregano, and black pepper. Like any good pizza shop, check their calzone, pasta, and salad options as well. Take the family out to dinner, grab it to go, or let them worry about delivery.  

Nirvana Indian Restaurant
2309 NW Kings Blvd

Out of groceries and don’t feel like cooking? Check out Nirvana before your next trip to WinCo, and fill up on some authentic Punjabi Indian food. With a lunch buffet served every day, you can try their tandoori chicken, samosas, and naan. Order off the menu and get a full serving of their delectable lamb curry or chicken tikka masala; round out your meal with a hot chai and some rice kheer.  

Woodstock’s Pizza Parlor
1045 NW Kings Blvd

Woodtsock’s a long-favored pizzeria that serves up a fine list of toppings and creations. Order it straight to your door, or hop to the stock’s and take advantage of their giant dining area. I’ve fit groups of up to 25 people in this space, so bring the party. Or let the pizza party be brought to you. Everybody wins!

American Dream

2525 NW Monroe Avenue and 214 SW 2nd Street
When everyone can’t agree on what they want on their pizza, American Dream is the place. Their slices start at $2.50, and pizzas range from $7.95 to $29.65. You can design your own or choose one of theirs, like Corvegas or Benny’s Delight. They also serve calzones, breadsticks, salads, and yummy cookies made daily. And, if you go at the right time, you can get a slice and pint for $5.95. 

Aomatsu Sushi & Grill
122 NW 3rd Street 

For a small college town, Corvallis has no shortage of sushi restaurants. Aomatsu stands out with its large collection of unique rolls, like the Popcorn Roll – a California roll topped with crunchy fried scallop, and drizzled with a spicy aioli and unagi sauce. You can also satisfy your hunger for Korean cuisine by munching on a seafood pancake or some delicious Bibimbap. Planning on eating a lot? Check out their happy hour for some great deals.

Riverview Mongolian Grill
230 NW 1st St

This riverside restaurant can quickly convert hunger to happiness. Fill a bowl with all the veggies and noodles and sauce that can fit, choose your meat, and wait while the cooks do their thing. Then do it all over again, that’s all there is to it. Its all you can eat, so double-figured dollar sign is well worth it’s price.

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