Corvallis Experiments in Noise Delivers Again, Oct 9

Interzone will be hosting a free noise show with a four-band lineup on Monday October 9 from 7 to 10:30 p.m. The show features Portland based artists Toim, Humours, and Fr. Hominid, along with Corvallis’ own Toadstool; you are in for a veritable cornucopia of sound. 

As always, thanks go to Corvallis Experiments in Noise, the organizers of our monthly noise shows. 

Still not sure what noise is? Noise is a genre, or perhaps a loose coalition of genres, that fall outside the traditional margins of the box. On October 9, the noise flavor will be reminiscent of rock with a dash of metal, a pinch of jazz, and a hint of… well, something interesting.

Toim, whose sixth album came out in March, is an energetic instrumental rock band. Hitting notes at a furious speed and seemingly immune to the trappings of traditional melodies, a flare of punk and thrash can still be identified.

Humours is a bonafide rock band exhibiting intense and complicated riffs with long contemplative instrumental interludes. Humours is every bit a headbanger, but not the screamy kind. If you like rock shows, this band alone is worth the free admission.

Fr. Hominid might be the most genuine noise act of this lineup, and exemplifies the concept of sound experimentation. Listening to Fr. Hominid, one experiences a blending of industrial and ethnic, rock and soundscape, and voice and electronics.

Local jazz unit Toadstool balances the energy with their super chill, super artistic, super ethereal jazz sounds. This is not your riding in an elevator jazz, nor your sipping wine at a cabaret, it is your sculpting clay in a dark, smokey room kind of jazz.

Drop on by Interzone and rock out. 

Side note: even though the event is free, donations are welcome and help keep these awesome shows happening.

Check out the bands here:,,, and Also see Corvallis Experiments in Noise on Facebook for upcoming shows.


By Anthony Vitale