Corvallis Arts Center to Hold Conversation on Superbugs and Antibiotic Resistance

Bets Cole, “Evolution of a Superbug/11days 1000x Antibiotic Solution” based on the research of Michael Baym

Oregon artist, Bets Cole, Harvard Medical School professor of biomedical informatics, Michael Baym, and composer and Oregon State University instructor in Contemporary Music Studies, Dana Reason, will hold an interdisciplinary conversation at the Corvallis Arts Center on November 15 at 6 p.m. The event is free.

Cole was inspired to create “Evolution of a Superbug/11days 1000x Antibiotic Solution” after viewing a video Baym created while researching the evolution of bacteria. Cole’s piece was on display in the Art Center’s exhibit last spring, “To See the Unseen: Where Science and Art Converge.” When Baym saw Cole’s piece, he bought it right away. 

Baym’s time-lapsed video of his experiment is a must see, to say the least. The video depicts bacteria slowly spreading inward from the two sides of a rectangular petri dish, as well as it being momentarily halted by different antibiotic boundaries. That is, until resistant bacteria evolve and break through the barriers to reach the center. The link is below.

Like the experiment, the conversation will be equally interesting. Baym will discuss his work in detail and its importance, while Cole will explain how the work personally influenced her own. Baym and Reason’s collaboration is sure to be both unique and eloquent, as Baym’s data will be translated to the audience via sound.

The video of Baym’s experiment can be found here: 

By Andy Hahn