Break Your Fast And Crunch Your Brunch

Although the notion of breakfast being the most important meal of the day is up for debate, the fact of the matter is that you won’t find better-day starters than these. Peruse this list of morning nummies, then go get yourself something to eat. 

Caves Bier & Kitchen
308 SW 3rd St

With an abundance of rich woodwork and moody lighting, Caves’ cozy atmosphere makes a quiet morning coffee every bit as relaxing as a Folgers commercial. Treat yourself to a classic biscuits and gravy breakfast, or try something a little fancier like oysters on the half shell or pulled pork pancakes. Don’t forget to grab a made-fresh-this-morning Caramel Apple Doughnut with your tea. One last thing: Caves is only open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Broken Yolk

119 SW 3rd St
They don’t just call it The Broken Yolk without reason; when you cut into one of their fried eggs and sop up its yolk with toast or hash browns, you’ll know that you are, by golly, having breakfast. The only bad thing is that it’s a victim of its own excellence: it’s crowded at breakfast time. If you walk in and find the place jammed, my advice is to wade on in and rely on the staff to find a place for you. You’ll enjoy the experience which will run you between $15 and $25.  

New York Bagels
1999 NW Circle Blvd

New York Bagels is the perfect spot to start your day. Their bagels are authentic, their fresh-squeezed juice is a great pick-me-up, and the atmosphere is ideal for checking out those morning emails, or getting some last-minute studying in before class. If you show up later than you planned, no worries, they offer a great lunch with several sandwich choices; try the Oregonian or the New Yorker.  


1894 SW 3rd St
This is a great breakfast spot for a wholesome filling meal. The atmosphere gives a welcoming the feeling of grandma’s house, and the wait staff are just as pleasant. The waffles, corn-beef hash, and burgers are local favorites. The prices are perfect for any family or college student on a budget. 

Peacock Bar & Grill
125 SW 2nd St

The Peacock is the perfect spot for breakfast if you woke up still drunk, and want an inexpensive meal. Though there is a variety of breakfast choices on the menu, the Peacock’s ambiance is the real draw. Its dimly lit hovel feeling is easily overlooked by the pleasant and attentive bartenders.  

Tommy’s 4th Street Bar & Grill
350 SW 4th St

This diner is known best for classic grub and morning cocktails. Along with the perfect hangover breakfast, Tommy’s has free Wi-Fi and a super-casual atmosphere. It’s a great place for group or solo dining – you can watch TV while you eat so you don’t have to talk – and to enjoy American comfort food. Staff have a casual attitude, portions are huge, and you get what you pay for. Tommy’s is famous for its whopping 7-pound Beaver Buster breakfast challenge. 

Sam’s Station

1210 NW 29th St.
Sam’s Station offers a quiet setting away from campus and downtown for a nice breakfast or brunch. Where else in town can you get your eggs shirred? Sam’s Station also offers plenty of standard breakfast fare, like French toast and hash, alongside some of their own specialties like Sam’s Breakfast Fried Rice. While you’re there, don’t forget the coffee and a baked goods. Breakfast starts at $5.75 for the basics and $15 if you go for the salmon.

Brick & Mortar Cafe
222 W 1st Ave, #4, Albany

Brick & Mortar is well worth the trek to Albany, most obviously for its Saturday and Sunday DIY Bloody Mary Bar – the perfect thirst quencher to go with those prized chicken and waffles I know you’re thinking about. Well, at least now you are. Not just brunch, breakfast, and bloody marys; Brick & Mortar offers delicious baked goods and caffeinated beverages at a convenient countertop separate to the dining area.

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