Windows on Art: Creation in Front of Onlookers Hits Downtown

chris from outsideWalking through downtown Corvallis, one notices the usual merchandising window displays, but Footwise offers a different take in its window, a showcase of local art starting in April. This public art showing, Window on Art, organized by Corvallis artist Jeff Hess, is different than your standard display where the art is created off site and shown after completion. This art is created in the window by the artist as you watch.

“These artists are sacrificing private time working on their art in studios and putting themselves and their art on display. Their time and resources are a benefit to Corvallis,” Hess said. “[Window on Art] provides the artists an opportunity to have a conversation with the public.

Art always conveys a message about the public, society, or maybe even history.”

There will be five installations from seven artists this year, all of them brand new pieces created in real time as the public watches, starting March 31 and running until May 3. Artist Christopher Adams will be creating an art piece utilizing found objects, paint, graphite, and twine. Second in line, artists Tanner Henderson and Francisco Morales will create their installation using dry/wet mediums and re-purposed objects. Next up will be Madelaine Corbin with a performance-based piece, followed by Lauren Ohlgren, who will be working with charcoal, graphite, and acrylic paint. The final art piece, by artists Lauren Sharpton and Katrina Henry, will use mixed media installation and photography.

This art is a bit atypical in that it’s being created and shown in the window of a local shoe store, but it also means kids can be exposed to it. As Hess said, “[During Window on Art] you end up getting kids whose parents make art a priority but there are also kids who get exposed to art through a window, while out shopping.”

Footwise is located on Madison Avenue and 3rd Street in downtown Corvallis. For more information, visit or the Facebook page “Window on Art.”

Installation Schedule

March 31 to April 6: Christopher Adams – graphite, paint, twine, found objects

April 7 to April 13: Tanner Henderson & Francisco Morales – dry/wet mediums, re-purposed objects

April 14 to April 25: Madelaine Corbin – performance

April 26 to April 29: Lauren Ohlgren – charcoal, graphite, acrylic

April 30 to May 3: Lauren Sharpton & Katrina Henry – mixed media installation, photography

By Liz Sterling