Weed Drive-Thru Hits Roadblock

weed-drive-thruThe city of Gold Beach created quite the buzz at the end of January when the burg’s first retail marijuana store, Green Life Oregon, announced plans to open up a drive-thru service along with a more customary store operation. The announcement immediately gained traction nationally and news outlets jumped on the novelty of a drive-thru weed shop and its alleged grand opening on April 20.

But these reports appear to be premature. According to Julie Schmeltzer, Director of Administration and Economic Development in Curry County, such a drive-thru might be the nation’s first but could not legally open under current statutes. “The fact that it would be the first of its kind would make it quite the tourist attraction,” said Schmeltzer, “but they do not have approval for a drive-thru at this time.” As it stands, the OLCC has a statute prohibiting the sale of marijuana at a drive-thru window.

While drive-thru weed may come or not, those looking to skip the lines at local retail stores have something else to look forward to—home delivery. While a drive-thru window is prohibited, OLCC allows for delivery of marijuana from retail stores to its customers. Dan Cochrane of Beaver Bowls in Corvallis speculates that the addition of home delivery will eliminate the need for a drive-thru. Beaver Bowls is preparing to launch its online ordering system in Corvallis in the coming months.

By Taylor Smith

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