Seasonal Sex Frenzy

Flat with shadow concept and mobile application eroticaIt’s just like Christmas for the Corvallis Adult Shop as Valentine’s Day nears. Expected big-ticket items this year, according to manager Cynthia Ferguson, are anal accessories and BDSM components, still trending since that tragically written 50 Shades series. Though most couples tend to start off with simple cuffs, Ferguson cites swings as a big-ticket item around this time of year.

Kegel balls, or pelvic floor strengtheners, are big sellers too, ranging in-store from $10 to $200. The We-Vibe couples’ vibrator, priced at $179.99, giving the gift of dual stimulation, is another store favorite, along with the Jimmyjane “Form 2” rechargeable clitoral stimulator, selling at $145.99. Ferguson notes the convenient Bluetooth additions to newer editions of these toys.

For the lighter-fare-minded, there are numerous massage oils—Kama Sutra, a bestseller—and lubricants, from water to silicone-based.

Ongoing deals include 10% off vape pens, a System Jo lube sale, a free Brand Apparel item with any $50 purchase, a free Kama Sutra gift with purchase, as well as 20% off educational books and DVDs.

 As Ferguson says, there’s truly something for everyone at the Adult Shop, especially in these explorative times. And if the spice sounds not-so-nice, the newest inventions are sure worth a look. Really, it’s amazing, the contraptions invented for our genitals.

By Stevie Beisswanger