Satanic Temple Offers Oregon Good Will (…But Not Corvallis)

happy-girlThe battle of light and dark continues, this time within the halls of some Oregon elementary schools. Some students in the Portland area will now have a new after school option thanks to the dedicated campaigning of the Satanic Temple’s Portland chapter. Perhaps surprising to some (and certainly not to others), their goal focuses on offering science and rational thinking to children… you know, the things not often taught in public schools these days.

Why are they doing this? Turns out our Satanic friends are targeting areas hosting Good News Clubs. These clubs are where children go to become indoctrinated by the Child Evangelism Fellowship—an organization of born-againers looking to spread the word to youngins while they are away from home.

Copying this model, the Satanic Temple also wants to isolate your child for their best interests. Portland chapter Temple leaders have said that their program inspires empathy and goodwill for all. This, they say, is a notable difference between their program and the Good News Clubs. They explain that the Temple is a non-theistic Satanist group offering an alternative humanist point of view; to them Satanism is a fundamental questioning of traditional thought structures.

Is this a big deal? Not really. The Satanic Temple does not actually worship the Devil, of course, and as far as I can tell neither does the Evangelism Fellowship. Both groups offer a chance at a more stimulating environment than playing video games in the basement until dinner. Regardless of how you feel about either group, for the time being neither is operating in Corvallis. Maybe that makes us a little less weird than Portland, but sometimes that’s okay.

 By Anthony Vitale

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