Pizza in a College Town

When it comes to pizza, it can either be done right, or horribly, horribly wrong. Woodstock’s has pretty much nailed it. They offer all the toppings you could imagine, including meats and veggies. They even offer a spicy pizza sauce for when you want to feed your wild side. Woodstock’s is a great place to stop by after a home game, and they also deliver for those never-ending study sessions.

Cirello’s Pizza
Each pizzeria has different pros and cons, but for me, there is a richness to a Cirello’s pie that is uniquely addictive. And let’s talk crust; this one is soft, foldable, and flavorful. The pies here skew towards gooey goodness—it’s an all-American pie, sure to please.

American Dream Pizza
When it comes to enjoyable, specialty pizza, American Dream Pizza’s downtown location is my first choice. Of course, they offer the customary pepperoni pizza, but the deliciously high-calorie “Dream Special” boasts Italian sausage, American bacon, mushroom, black olive, and tomato. Also, there are countless other unique pizza topping combinations as well as flavorful salads and calzones. In addition to the menu options, the downtown location offers outdoor rooftop seating where you can eat your meal and enjoy the sights.

FireWorks Pub & Pizza
FireWorks is probably the top food find on the south end of Corvallis, not to mention one of the best pizza places in town. While the pizzas are on the smaller side—enough to feed one or two people—they come with “old world thin crust” and are baked in a 900-degree adobe oven, according to the menu. Try the Zorba the Greek pie if you’re craving a taste of the Mediterranean. And grab a beer to go with your pizza pie. Several local brews are on tap.

Cibelli’s Pizza
New York pizza pies, please meet Corvallis. The Everything Greek pizza, which includes kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and feta cheese, is one of the best selections on the menu. Not to mention the pizza dough is hand-tossed right in front of you. There are over 16 veggie, six meat, and three cheese choices. I’m no mathematician, but that is hundreds of different flavor combinations to choose from.

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