Lambing Barn Closed Another Year, No Reopen Date Set

lambsSpringtime is such a beautiful time of year in Corvallis. Campus is abloom with rhododendron blossoms, streets are filled with fallen petals from the trees, and baby animals fill the pastures surrounding our gorgeous city.

A springtime highlight occurs on years when the OSU lambing barn is open to the public. Unfortunately, due to biosecurity concerns, the barn kept its doors firmly shut this year. While disappointing, this closure has the best interest of the animals at heart.

Dr. John Killefer, Head of the Department of Animal and Rangeland Science at Oregon State, said of the closure, “To ensure the biosecurity of the flock and to allow our personnel to provide the high level of animal care that we require at OSU, we have decided to suspend the lambing tours until a better venue can be provided. The construction of our facility on Campus Way has been delayed to allow for design modifications.”

The good news is that the closure may not last forever. Killifer said the department is “still exploring options to have a public event in the future that will likely occur in the area currently involved with the construction activities.” Let’s hope that means plenty of little lambs will be hopping into our lives very soon.

Kyra Blank