Circus Visit Prompts Animal Cruelty Protest

elephantOn Monday, March 7, the Jordan World Circus will set up shop in Corvallis for two sure-to-enthrall shows. Fork over $14 to $18 for a seat and you and your family may be treated to performances by a circus company, likely with a mile-long list of animal care violations. Filthy enclosures, poor ventilation, broken bones… only the tip of the iceberg, as they now operate without a U.S. Department of Agriculture exhibitor license, so all new violations are directed to those they lease animals from. But hey, this all comes with the territory of locking up wild animals and teaching them to do tricks, right? It’s all part of the show!

Me, personally, I like animals—bears, elephants, pugs, hedgehogs, llamas, wombats, humans… well, maybe not so much humans (and certainly not dwarf hamsters), but everything deserves a chance, no? Unsurprisingly, a number of Corvallisites feel the same. Corvallis Veg Education Group members Brittney West and Nettie Schwager are putting together a peaceful protest to raise awareness about the lives of circus animals, and to perhaps dissuade groups like Jordan from pitching future tents in Corvallis.

If you’re interested in taking part or just want more information about what’s going on, visit their event page on Facebook by searching for “Corvallis Circus Peaceful Protest.” Word on the street is that a good kindhearted protest is a great way to see some humans in the wild!

By Johnny Beaver