Bras Gone Bad: Improper Sizing Brings Health Risks, But There’s Hope

braBra sizing is generally thought of as something you uncomfortably try to do once with your mom and a tape measure, and then proceed to try to forget about for the rest of your life while you guess your size.

We’re obviously doing it wrong, as Jamie Feldman reported in her article for The Huffington Post, “The One Thing About Our Bras We’re All Still Getting Wrong: The Sizes.” The article revealed that 64 percent of women are wearing the wrong size, and only 29 percent know it’s the wrong size.

Wearing the wrong size can cause a multitude of problems, ranging from discomfort to scarring or permanent indents in the shoulders. The symptoms vary based on how the bra is pressing into your body—if it’s too big to be supportive, or too small to give you room to breathe.

Bra chains such as Victoria’s Secret use “sister sizes” to get the average lady to fit into their size range of 30AA to 40DDD. I went to Victoria’s Secret and got sized, where I was given a 32DDD. This isn’t my size, but I was told that it was my sister size, and that it would fit anyway.

The problem with this is that sister sizes only go so far. The bra was uncomfortable, and frankly, about as supportive as Donald Trump at a fundraiser for immigrant children.

Donna Bella: The Local Solution
Donna Bella on 2nd Street in downtown Corvallis has a different perspective on pushing sales in a teeny size range with sister sizing.

Kari Gregory, a fit specialist at the shop, said they can order bras in sizes ranging from 28AA to 52L. Most of those sizes are carried in store, and are ready to try on.

Not only does Donna Bella cater to sizing needs, but they also do post-mastectomy fittings, and will even bill your insurance directly for those purchases. They also carry prosthetics, post-surgical camis, lymphedema sleeves, and more.

When I was sized there, I clocked in at a 28FF. The support echoed the average millennial’s feelings about Bernie Sanders, and it felt much, much better than a Victoria’s Secret bra.

So, ladies, go get sized today. May your cup never overfloweth, and your strap never fall.

By Moriah Hoskins

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