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stateturnssymbolPortlandia ‘Slammed’ by In Our Words
If you’re familiar with Portlandia, you’re familiar with its skit where feminist bookstore owners Candance and Toni (played by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein) do funny stuff and people who watch the show laugh at it. Or at least most of them do… owners of the actual shop have posted a blog entry titled “F*ck Portlandia.” Whether or not you can read that as it was originally written is up to the Corvallis Advocate censors, who forever bow to the continued rule of Puritan ideals, for fear of pain, both body and soul.

Anyway, the blog itself cites a number of problems they’ve had with the show, including their request to remove a Black Lives Matter flyer from the window for a scene, and what they call Portlandia’s contributions to gentrification, as well as”[throwing] trans femmes under the bus by holding up their gender presentation for mockery and ridicule.”

If you’d like to read the blog yourself, please do:

What parts of this drama are either defensible or corroborated on either side seems almost beside the point. People have gravitated towards this to echo their feelings regardless. My feeling is that most of it’s hilarious, not because there is a lot to joke about regarding identity issues and other social issues, but because what I’m seeing is a large number of really ignorant comments by virtual people on many sides of many different issues, some of which are even debatably related. It’s like a goofy little microcosm of the entire human race, in silent comedy form. Bring your own popcorn. Also, don’t forget to catch the opening cartoon: All About How Someone Once Heard Their Show Staff Left a Mess Everywhere.

Though, I will say that I like the concept of only being able to rationally view Armisen’s completely biologically female character as a man in drag because he is actually a man in drag. That’s heavy. Let’s hope nobody brings up Kids in the Hall… but in all honesty, any sort of real conversation about real things that might be happening as a result, many thanks to those involved.

Bud Pierce Feels the Boo
This might shock some, but a Republican in Oregon was booed the other day for what they had to say about women. The comment that Mr. Bud Pierce made goes as follows:

“A woman that has a great education and training and a great job is not susceptible to this kind of abuse by men, women, or anyone.”

Yikes. A Class-Three Ignorant Vapor, as the Ghostbusters might say (that new movie was a bungled disaster, by the way… I feel bad for anyone who got screen time). Nothing good like “Yo @#% them *&%#@” came out of his mouth, but not everyone can be a true Art Robinson. Either way, Oregon Republicans are the champions of this sort of shenanigans. Pierce still gets some points on the board.

Truth: With elections coming up, please… expect the unexpected. Also, expect the expected, because that happens a lot, too.

Donald Trump Just Won’t Go Away
The primaries, the quotes, the creepy comments aimed at under-aged girls, the ultra racist policies… the totally awesome Trump face shirts with comb-able hair. Okay, that last one sounds pretty good. But still, I’m sick of this annoying old fool. I didn’t even watch the recent debate, which I heard was hilarious, but no… decided against it. Needed a break. Still do. Some people like to slather their naked bodies in the oils of that which annoys them, because they love complaining so much, but that’s not me. I complain freestyle. Like I’ve always imagined the great William Shatner complains. Hell yeah.

Anyway. Woke up today, cried a little bit over my workload, a bit more about money, and thought hey! It’s As the State Turns day… my third least favorite day of the week. At least there’s this, right? Let’s check out one of my favorite state news sources, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and…

TRUMP. Why? Because he has a staff member from Oregon, and that person is going to Michigan. That’s really enough to warrant ruining my day like that? Nay! Our day, comrades. Seriously though, what’s next? Trump’s daughter (the one he doesn’t like) sneezes an hour away from the border as she visits &^$#!@ Idaho? Once again I undo myself, because if that ever wound up as a headline it would be totally phat.

You get my point, we’re all annoyed. Maybe this November we vote for somebody else in false hopes that he’ll go away. Maybe we all just vote for him so when we’re old we can say we did, through tubes to people living in other radiation bunkers. Oregon’s full of bunkers, I’ve heard.

By Johnny Beaver

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