Albany’s Upscale Eats

Ask anyone in Albany about the best restaurant to commemorate a special occasion and the most common answer will be Sybaris, and there is good reason for that. Their fine dining experience and menu which “changes with the crops each month” has earned every bit of that reputation. They try to source most of their ingredients from local farms and ranches, and although you may never be able to order the same thing twice, you’ll never be disappointed with your meal there.

Cellar Cat
Cellar Cat is a new addition to Albany’s downtown, but they aren’t wasting any time making a permanent impression. Their upscale jazz theme is made more eclectic by tastefully executed cat decor throughout the restaurant and bar. They have arguably the most extensive wine selection in the area, and all of their food is made from scratch. The menu include items like seared scallops, fettuccine aioli (made with their fresh, house-made pasta), and a grilled steak and pear salad. It’s all so good that the live jazz is just a bonus!

If you’re in the market for a new happy hour spot, you need to check out Frankie’s. Their bar area is a great spot to gather with family and friends for a few drinks, but it’s the happy hour food (and prices) that will keep you coming back for more. You’ll want to try everything at least once, but you can never go wrong with an order of their pork belly fries or one of their house-made egg rolls.

By Hannah Darling