Advocate Leaves Corvallis Arts Walk: Landlord Converts Loft to Offices

cawlogoLast week, notice went out to the Corvallis Arts Walk that The Advocate would have to withdraw from the monthly event, effective immediately. Publisher Steven Schultz said, “We appreciate the Arts Walk and will miss taking part in it.”

Schultz assured the paper will continue to support and promote the walk just as it has in the past. Office space requirements were cited as the driver for the newspaper’s withdrawal. The paper’s notice to the Art Walk stated, “Our landlord has been quite generous with us, but he has decided to re-purpose our loft into five smaller and more profitable spaces… the resultant space will only be adequate for editorial and business meetings.”

The Advocate joined the walk just over a year ago, when it was still somewhat small, though it now boasts over a dozen destinations most months -— and continues to grow in attendance. As renovations to the Advocate office got underway, the paper had skipped participating as a destination the last two months. This recent decision to permanently leave the walk was not anticipated.

By Rob Goffins


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