8… er, 10 Days a Week?

darkside1Tuesday, November 22

Community Movie Night. Darkside Cinema, 215 SW 4th St. 7 p.m. Free.

Do you like movies? Are you a member of the community? Well hot damn, clear your Tuesday evenings! Seriously, we’re talking all of them. Every week classic, lost, and cult films are broadcast through the Darkside and onto a white screen for your enjoyment. Every film is preceded by time-relevant newsreels and cartoons, as well as a light buttering of facts by the host, Ygal Kaufman. Donations are graciously accepted and benefit the renovation of the Darkside Cinema, Corvallis’ only independent movie house. For info, visit www.cmnyk.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com/freemovienightcorvallis.

Wednesday, November 23

Death Café Corvallis. Interzone Coffee, 1563 NW Monroe Ave. 6 p.m. Free.

Death Cafe Corvallis is one of our city’s more unique and personal events. If you have even the slightest curiosity, do check it out. A few words from their official public statement: “Death Café Corvallis is simply in order to listen and talk about death. Death Café Corvallis is not a support group, therapeutic agenda, debate society, social action group, religious or anti-religious organization, political committee, or sales pitch. Our welcoming, friendly, and supportive café is open to everyone who participates in a welcoming, friendly, and supportive manner. Our guiding principles are respect, openness, and confidentiality.” For info, visit www.facebook.com/groups/deathcafecorvallis.

Thursday, November 24

Thanksgiving. All-day event. Enjoy the holiday and the food that comes with it.

The strange thing about holidays is that people tend to celebrate them, instead of going to work. To those of you who will be non-festivity occupied, and don’t want to be… my heart goes out to you. But hey, at least you’ll earn some money for that other holiday we have coming up… that which shall not be named… unless, of course, you find yourself at a department store, in which case it was probably named all over at least four aisles starting way back in September. But I digress. From those of us at The Corvallis Advocate, and in particular me, since I’m writing this… have a good thing, whatever sort of thing it is you’re doing.

Friday, November 25

Christmas Parade Annual Party. Downtown Corvallis. 5 – 10 p.m. Free. I know what you’re thinking… “But but but, it isn’t even December?!” Well, guess what, Walmart started putting their Christmas stuff up three months ago, so just get in the spirit and enjoy the parade. Geez.

Brothers Gow. Cloud & Kelly’s Public House, 126 SW 1st St. 9:30 p.m. Cost: $3.

The only way to describe this band is simply that they’re slinky, rocky, jazzy, reaggae-y, and kick all manners of a*s. Even without the censorship asterisk, I assure you. Check out their song pounds on YouTube by following this fantastically cryptic link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyLJQulmeog. For more info, visit www.cloudandkellys.com.

Saturday, November 26

Linden Wood and Company. Bombs Away Café, 2527 NW Monroe Ave. 9:30 p.m. Cost: $5. “Local rocker Linden Wood graces the stage with some friends to bring you the music and love that makes the world go ‘round.” Not that the press release isn’t accurate, but folks… Linden Wood has earned local legend status at this point successfully blending genres like metal and Americana in… really good ways. Okay, so I’m not so eloquent. Still, what else are you doing this Saturday? The correct answer is “nothing.” For info, visit www.bombsawaycafe.com.

Sunday, November 27

Enter the Dragon. Whiteside Theatre, 361 SW Madison Ave. 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Cost: $5.

I know the Majestic is doing a The Man from Earth reader’s theater today, which is awesome… but Enter the Dragon on the big screen gets the top spot this time around. One of the first martial arts films I ever saw, the lightbulbs in my home would never be the same, as I trained myself to spin around the broomstick at the tender age of seven, screaming really loud in the process. Couch cushions? Nope, those were ninjas. Crack the door a little and give it a jump-kick? Totally busted in with my immense power. A total classic for just five bucks, and you don’t even have to break stuff or make an a*s out of yourself to enjoy it. For info, visit www.whitesidetheatre.org.

Tuesday, November 29

The Teal Gallery, 328 SW 2nd St., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Free.

Before you lurch on over to Community Movie Night, why not check out a local gallery? According to the press agents, “Teal Gallery has the reputation as ‘the place’ to shop for handcrafted, unique, made-in-Oregon gifts.” Well, those press agents would be right, and wow… there’s a spending season upon us! Every dollar you toss towards an artist is a dollar well spent, and your friends and family will think you’re highly sophisticated and at least twice as caring as you really are. Seriously, I’ve been using this trick for years. How do you think I got this job? Whether you’re interested in buying something or not, definitely take a moment to check out great works in fiber, leather, pottery, jewelry, glass, metal, wood work, mixed media, paper, and even soap, all local to the Willamette Valley. For more information, visit the Teal Gallery at www.tealartistcoop.com or on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 30

OSU Wind Symphony and Campus Band. LaSells Stewart Center, 875 SW 26th St. 7:30 p.m. Cost: $5 for adults, free for OSU students and K-12 youth.

The OSU Wind Symphony under the direction of Olin Hannum and the OSU Campus Band under the direction of Dr. Jason Gossett present a fall concert.” A little dry, but what’s why I’m here. ::spits everywhere:: But really, this is an amazing band, and if you’re a fan of this sort of thing you need to give yourself an early Christmas present and check out the show. So much to do in this town—this is one of the good ‘uns. For further information, visit calendar.oregonstate.edu/event/117865.

Thursday, December 1

Rusty Hinges. Calapooia Brewing Company, 140 NE Hill St., Albany. 7:30 p.m. Free.

Rusty Hinges have been a staple of the area music scene for years now. In fact, when this column began, they are one of the first new bands I ran into and have been on regular rotation here at 8 Days. If you’re not familiar, expect an amalgamated sound featuring elements of bluegrass, blues, and more. They play Calapooia Brewing a lot, and it’s a great venue for their sound. For very banjo-friendly information, visit www.calapooiabrewing.com.

Open Mic at Sky High Brewing. Sky High Brewing & Pub, 160 NW Jackson Ave. 7:30 p.m. Free. Third time is the charm, they say… only for Sky High, first and second times were also the charm. The third time out—if you couldn’t guess—for their new open mic, you can expect a bit of a relocation to the heated and enclosed deck. Sound and space have all been greatly improved, they say. And so do I. And I worked in live sound, so my opinion matters. I knew I spent $60,000 on that degree for something! Sky High welcomes “a variety of talents including but not limited to musicians, poets, spoken word artists, MCs, instrumentalists, and comedy acts.” All ages are welcome until 10 p.m., after which adults start doing adult stuff. Like paying bills. For info, visit www.skyhighbrewing.com.

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