Majestic Resurgent: Long 2nd Street Nightmare Seems Over

IMG_5524At the Majestic Membership Gala, community members and officials behind the Majestic Theatre’s resurgence came together at the end of what can only be described as a campaign trail. Months of public forums, one-on-one meetings, and information gathering on what the public wants have led to some drastic changes in the theater’s business practices, all with a clear focus on serving the community.

Held on April 25, the event featured a review of the Majestic’s finances, a look back at where the Majestic came from, and a recap of how the Parks and Rec department came through to save the theater from falling into obscurity. It all wrapped up with a look into the promising years ahead for the Majestic.

First to take the stage was Jimbo Ivy, the new supervisor hired by Parks and Rec once they took control with the New Year. Ivy spoke about how the Majestic has thrived profitably since the turnover in management. The Majestic’s shift into being a production-focused facility has led to a higher volume of community-driven productions, which in turn has led to higher ticket sales and increased  interest in the theater.

Ivy’s talk also focused heavily on the importance of hearing from the community, calling for the public to let the Majestic know what it is they want to see. Whether it is submitting an idea for a play through the theater’s website or even stopping by and knocking on Ivy’s office door to ask for more dance classes hosted at the Majestic, Ivy encourages public feedback.

“The community’s the board,” said Ivy. “I’m directly in charge of what happens at the facility and pretty much, you’re directly in charge of me. So come tell me what to do, and I’m willing to do that.”

Intermixed with the eight or so main stage productions and the educational programs held in the Majestic’s classrooms are a bevy of events that Ivy hopes will lead to weekend after weekend of worthy business within the facility.

Following Ivy, two community theater leaders called for public involvement in their respective associations. The Corvallis Community Theatre and Friends of the Majestic are holding an open call for members of the community to get involved with the local theater scene. With the recent spike in success and positive changes within the Majestic, now is the time to jump on board.

Regardless of the theater’s shaky past, there is a clear effort being made to rectify any problems the theater had, and all the staff behind the Majestic’s changes are hoping to raise the community up with them in the process. With all the work being put into the Majestic’s revival, community members owe it to themselves to visit the theater and check out what it has to offer.

 Next up on the Majestic’s schedule is a 5 to 1 Theatre Ensemble performance of their original satirical comedy Those Crazy Reds, starting on April 30 and running through May 2 in the Majestic Lab Theatre.

By Nathan Hermanson

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