LBCC Tuition Hike Reversed

cashpileLinn-Benton Community College students are in for an unexpected break this year: a tuition freeze, brought about by hard work from the student government. At a meeting of LBCC’s Board of Education, the committee revisited a 3% tuition increase made effective in June.

Students were there at the meeting, holding signs that encouraged the board to reverse the increase. Many students chose to share their stories with the board, including Student Leadership Council President Paola Gonzalez, who relies on talent grants through student government to pay tuition.

The increase would have made tuition around $99 per credit compared to the rate under the freeze of around $93 (for 13 credits). While this may not seem like a huge figure, once calculated for the term, it amounts to a difference of almost $100. For a struggling college student, that is a lot of money.

Student government and their supporters worked hard all year to advocate for a tuition freeze. They held rallies, lobbied, and gathered signatures, urging the Board of Education to rethink the tuition increase.

 The students found support in LBCC President Greg Hamann, who encouraged the board by saying, “We will be just fine without a tuition increase [this year].” At the end of the debate, the students and Hamann won out, and the board voted to freeze tuition for the coming year. Celebrations commenced.

by Padma McKaye

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