Entertainmental: Sometimes Third Is Better Than First

Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump - ArrivalsIf it seems like Amy Schumer can do no wrong right now, it’s because she’s finally been anointed. This happens frequently in Hollywood, when a talent who has been around for a long time suddenly gets “discovered” and becomes a major sensation overnight. Past stand-up comics who became recipients of such fervent media praise were Sarah Silverman and Louis C.K., both of whom, like Schumer, had long careers filled with credits before mainstream audiences realized they were hilarious.

And so with her debut romantic comedy, Trainwreck, which co-stars Bill Hader and LeBron James, Schumer made big news last week by finishing third at the box office.

With a $30 million opening weekend haul, Trainwreck finished well behind both Minions and Ant-Man, and was still considered the weekend’s winner. Of course on a budget a fraction the size of either of the films that finished ahead of it, Trainwreck is an unmitigated success and proof, once again, that talent is the most important thing at the box office.

Schumer is famous for mocking her non-traditional look (which of course is Carefulese for “She’s not rail thin”), but underneath that humor is the reality that traditional Hollywood would never put a woman like Schumer in the lead role of a romantic comedy. Fortunately for the rest of us, there are smart and talented people out there who know what’s important in a movie.

LeBron James.

Death and the Sutter

Fans of Sons of Anarchy, which is roughly anyone who ever watched even a few minutes of the insanely addictive recently ended show about a criminal motorcycle club, have to be stoked on the early look we got at The Bastard Executioner this past weekend. Like his previous two shows, Executioner will air on FX starting this fall.

The new vehicle for Kurt Sutter, who cut his teeth writing The Shield, maybe the greatest cop drama ever, takes us to medieval England and reunites us with some recognizable faces from Sons, including Sutter’s real-life wife Katey Sagal, Timothy Murphy, and Sutter himself. Oh, and it also hints that the new show is about killing, and lots of it.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, we probably wouldn’t get along that well. Which is fine, because there’s no more room on my couch for Bastard Executioner watching parties anyway…

No, Not That Bronson

Corvallis tends not to be on the cutting edge of hip-hop. I think I saw a guy doing the cabbage patch at the last LMNO show. So forgive the quick primer, rap listeners, this is for the blue hairs: Action Bronson is a relatively newer rapper from NYC who raps very much in the traditional East Coast style. He’s also noted for looking like Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News and sounding a lot like the great Ghostface Killa, famed member of Wu-Tang Clan and one of the greatest solo rappers of all time as well.

So it was with much amazing fanfare that Ghostface called Bronson out on YouTube for dissing him in a TV appearance several months prior. Only, it should be noted that when a dude like Ghost calls you out, it entails vivid and detailed death threats. Bronson’s slight was modest at best, but that didn’t stop the torrent of scary gangsterness that spewed forth.

The entertaining YouTube clip features the legendary rapper alternating between threats and fatherly advice for Bronson, and climaxes with him explaining that he literally has friends in all 50 states who would murder Bronson on demand for free. Yikes.

If you’re wondering why rap has replaced rock as the go-to music of choice for bada*ses, I point you to Exhibit A.

By Ygal Kaufman

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