Agrestic Throws Post-Prohibition Celebration

Spurred by the Oct. 1 end of a long prohibition, Corvallis’ first dispensary, The Agrestic, will be throwing a celebratory shindig this Saturday. Booths will include opportunities to “Test Your Prohibition Knowledge” and “Stump the Cannabis Expert.”

There will also be glass vendors, face painting and refreshments. Also, for fun, a captioned screening of Reefer Madness will provide a reminder of how weed was once viewed.
Members of The Agrestic staff will be on hand to discuss consumer rights and product availability, as well as to sign guests up for a new offering, online ordering. Occupying an upmarket segment, anything this dispensary does is potentially trendsetting, so a stop by this event may well be a portal into the future.
Saturday, Oct. 3 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at The Agrestic, 1665 SE 3rd Street in South Town Corvallis. For ages 21 and older.
By Dan Arthur
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