Zion I, Jay Tablet Coming to Impulse

impulseThe Masters of Ceremony tour is coming to Corvallis, bringing Oakland rap heavyweights Zion I to town in support of their record (for which the tour is named). Also touring the northwest with them are Sol, MKSMTH and Aileron, making for an eclectic hip hop experience.

Zion I, made up of MC Zumbi and producer Amp Live, have been creating some of the Bay Area’s finest hip hop since the late nineties. Their infectious rhythms and socially conscious (almost never socially obnoxious) rhymes have made them trailblazers in the alternative hip hop scene.

When they hit Impulse nightclub on February 9th, they’ll also have Oregon rapper Jay Tablet on the marquee as an opener.

Tablet grew up in California, and has been making music since 2000. He moved to Bend ten years ago, where his first group, Cloaked Characters, released two albums and has another in the works. Tablet released his own second solo album six months ago and has been touring in support of it ever since.

When asked to describe the Jay Tablet sound, he responds simply; “Uplifting. Uptempo. Good vibes.”

He has released tracks with other Bend rappers such as Mosley Wotta, and like Wotta, he shares a positive message and attitude. “It’s poetry and it’s fun. A dark party,” he says.

This is a big show for Tablet, giving him the chance to open for a venerated national act. But he sees this as just the beginning for himself and Oregon rappers as a group.

“I think we’re a new area, just like Seattle with Macklemore. It’s bound to happen sooner than later.”

Jay Tablet will open for Zion I at Impulse Bar on Sunday February 9th. Tickets are $15