Surveyed Coast Professionals See Climate Change

CoastalClimateClimate change is a widely debated topic, though a recent survey indicates some coastal communities believe it’s happening in their own backyards. That’s one major discovery the Oregon Sea Grant at Oregon State University noticed in its project research, which along with other sea grant programs surveyed coastal resource professionals and elected officials in Hawaii, as well as in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf, and Great Lakes coasts.

Seventy percent of the coastal professionals that participated in the survey said they believe the climate is changing in their respective communities. The results fall in line with other up-to-date surveys, many of which have been organized by the Yale Project on Climate Control and Communication. This survey revealed that most Americans are convinced the Earth’s climate is changing, and voiced concerns over how it should be handled.

Sea Grant programs in Connecticut, Hawaii, Louisiana, Washington, and others collaborated on this survey, administering it between January 2012 and November 2013. It consisted of 30 questions, with most focusing on whether participants felt informed enough about climate change effects in their area and if the climates were in fact changing.

Involved Sea Grant programs are already using these results to help coastal communities develop future adaptive strategies. The newly published report by the Oregon Sea Grant includes all the findings of this survey, which is available as a free download at

by Patrick Fancher