Science Pub Examines Natural Gas Vehicles

Science-PubOn Monday, April 14, the Old World Deli is hosting the monthly Science Pub. This go-round examines natural gas vehicles, with a presentation by Dr. Chris Hagen from OSU-Cascades.

Hagen is an assistant professor in the Energy Systems Engineering program. Mostly he is interested in energy systems and unconventional fuels, as well as other topics of importance to the ecosystem. He comes to OSU-Cascades from Colorado State University (CSU), where he was an assistant research professor. Prior to that, he was a lead research engineer at the Chevron Energy Technology Company, working on novel fuels for advanced internal combustion engines. So, the guy knows a thing or two about vehicles and making them move.

This Science Pub presentation will examine natural gas vehicles from Hagen’s perspective, exploring the potential commercial viability of a technology that already exists and could radically alter the energy dependence frontier, as well as the climate change debate.

Arrive early to guarantee a seat, and grab something delicious from the deli. This event is for all ages, but if you’re considering bringing children it’s recommended that you read this disclaimer: This is a great chance to enjoy good food and stimulating conversation.

Science Pub is sponsored by OSU and the Downtown Corvallis Association, as well as the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

Science Pub goes from 6 to 8 p.m on Monday, April 14 at Old World Deli on 2nd Street. Admission is free to the public.

By Kyra Young