New OSU Alcohol and Sex Abuse Courses

By Maggie Nelson

BeerBongLike several universities across the nation, Oregon State University is spearheading an effort to end sexual assault and alcohol abuse by designing mandatory online courses that will empower students.

Incoming OSU freshman will be required to take AlcoholEdu. The course does not advocate for complete abstinence, but rather gives students the ability to make wise decisions about using drugs and alcohol. Its curriculum highlights the scientific effects alcohol has on the body and mind, and how that directly influences human behavior.

AlcoholEdu will be paired with another program as a part of the federal Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act as well.  All first-year and transfer students will take the obligatory Haven course, which is constructed to better educate the student population on sexual abuse, compliance, and involvement as a positive and active witness. All athletes are required to take both classes as required by the OSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

These courses aim not only to help students make healthy and educated decisions for themselves, but also to effectively assist their classmates. By creating a safe and healthy environment, these courses will facilitate academic and personal growth of the OSU student body.