New Oregon Laws for 2014

oregonlawsReady for 2014? Because your friendly local law enforcement is. Here are just a few of the new laws you should be aware of.

-Fines for using a cellphone while driving have increased from $50 to $160 with Oregon judges having the ability to go as high as a $500 fine.

-Cigarette taxes have seen a thirteen percent increase, amounting in a $1.31 price hike.

-Officers can issue tickets to anyone seen smoking in a car if a minor is present.

-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is now on the list of conditions to qualify for Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program.

-It’s a considered a crime if a dog is tied up in a way that may cause injury.

-Employers and universities are prohibited from making applicants; workers or students provide personal social network accounts like Facebook, twitter, etc.

-Oregon mothers can now take their placentas home after childbirth to do with as they please.

-Under a new state family leave law; certain employees can take a maximum of two weeks of unpaid bereavement leave if they choose.

-In dedication to the city of Boring, Oregon and Scotland’s town of Dull, Aug. 9 of each year we can celebrate Boring and Dull Day. What this day requires us to do should be fairly obvious after this year.

By Patrick Fancher