New issue: May 1, 2014

* Calendar Picks of the Week
* Can You Name That Flower?
* Court Approves Signature Gathering for GMO Ban
* DJ Spooky: That Subliminal Kid
* Valley Library Gets 3D Printer
* School District Tells Josh Fryman… You’re Wrong, Denies Appeal
* As the State Turns
* Corvallis Tops Cities for Ped and Bike Commuters
* Art Robinson Wants Your Pee… Wait, What?
* Corvallis Squares
* Poetics at the Arts Center
* International Students Hold Spring Festival at OSU
* It’s Red, Yellow and Connotes a Fox
* E.T., Homophone
* Joe, Tokarev, and Cage at the Crossroads
* Culture Fail: Timely Outrage

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