Money, Money, Money

By Dave DeLuca

BentonCountyCulturalCoalitionGot a great idea for how to improve the cultural scene in Benton County? It’s time to turn that idea into a reality.

The Benton County Cultural Coalition is looking to give away more than $10,000 in grant money to 501(c)3 organizations and partner groups. The funds come from the Oregon Cultural Trust, and are intended to sustain, promote, and make accessible culture in Benton County.

BCCC has distributed over $95,000 in grant money for Benton County since 2005. Several recipients are awarded grants each year. The grants have funded concerts, murals, dances, film festivals, storytelling, and more. Some recent recipients include the Greenbelt Land Trust, the Arts Center, Wilson Elementary School, and the Benton County Historical Society. Examples of the funded projects include an Environmental Center mural, mosaic decorations of downtown trash cans, the construction of choir risers at CHS, a children’s concert at Monroe Library, and a national quilt exhibit.

“In short, community spirit thrives as people collectively gather to participate in and appreciate art, culture, and heritage. The Benton County Cultural Coalition is all about providing opportunities that strengthen and celebrate communities. We provide funding to help them tell their story,” explained BCCC chair Ella Rhoades. “It’s amazing to see what some of these organizations can do with $500 to $1,500.”

Interested cultural organizations and individuals may submit a Letter of Intent online at Letters of Intent will be accepted from Friday, Aug. 1 through Wednesday, Sept. 10.

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3 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money

  1. Thank you so much to Dave Deluca and The Advocate for sharing this information with Benton County! It’s an exciting thing to be able to get money into the hands of organizations who use it well and spark enthuiasm throughout the community at large! We deeply, deeply appreciate your press coverage!!!

  2. Wonderful article about a super organization. Adair Living History benefited by BCCC’s largesse in April of this year. Our Camp Adair Commemorative Swing Dance was a great opportunity to share the history of the Adair area as well as the music and dress of the WWII era with OSU students and community members from far and wide. Thanks Advocate, for shining a light on BCCC’s good work!

  3. The Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center wanted to create a new Culture Exploration Kit to meet local teachers’ needs during Black History Month and beyond; thanks to a Benton County Cultural Coalition grant, an “African American History” Culture Exploration Kit will be available to teachers and community groups this coming school year, and will make a wonderful addition to CMLC’s free lending library of “portable museums”. CMLC Culture Exploration Kits teach through hands-on exploration of intriguing cultural objects, books and other educational resources; the new kit touches on well-known aspects of African American culture such as the struggle for Civil Rights, as well as less familiar topics such as the Gullah people in the Southern U.S who have preserved their African linguistic and cultural heritage for many generations. We believe that the entire community is enormously enriched by the Benton County Cultural Coalition’s ongoing support of local Arts and Cultural organizations.

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