Majestic Readers Theatre Presents W;t

Majestic-readers-theatre-ButtonThe Majestic Readers Theatre Company will present another dramatic stage reading on Sunday, March 30.

The production will be W;t, written by Margaret Edson and directed by Don Taco, which won a 1999 Pulitzer Prize in drama. The one-act play centers on a scholar near death from incurable ovarian cancer, who reflects on her life and realizes in the end that simple kindness can have a profound affect on the soul. It’s a unique perspective on a very traumatic and difficult situation.

Edson apparently lent inspiration to the story from her time spent working in a hospital. The drama won several awards in addition to the Pulitzer.

W;t will be performed on Sunday, March 30 at 3 and 7 p.m. at the Majestic Lab, 115 SW 2nd Street. Tickets are $6 to $8 and can be purchased online at

By Patrick Fancher