Lunafest Comes to Corvallis

luna-fest-imageLunafest is making a stop in Corvallis on Saturday, Jan. 25 at The LaSells Stewart Center at OSU. The film festival is a traveling collection of shorts by and about women. It was started in 2000 by the Luna Bar brand as a fundraising model for women’s causes – and of course, for their own cause of selling Luna Bars. Some would argue the calories and corporate do-gooderism image building are a little empty, but it’s a substantial film fest and fundraiser for worthwhile causes.

“The festival is kind of like a fundraiser in a box,” says Cait Spillner, a marketing coordinator with Clif Bar & Company, the energy bar behemoth that makes Luna Bars.

The festival is a handsome little fundraising model; Luna provides the films and marketing materials including cards, posters and other essentials to get people to the theater. The organization hosting the festival then gets to give 85% of their proceeds to a cause of their choice. The other 15% goes to the Breast Cancer Fund, Luna’s partner in the ongoing project.

The festival has over 150 screenings per year, with 190 last year and 200 projected for 2014, and has raised over $1.9 million for various worthy causes. The format is usually 9 to 10 short films of all genres and styles running for about 90 minutes.

This year, there are nine films on the docket:

Date with Fate, a comedy about a blind date; First Match, about a young female wrestler; Flying Anne, a documentary about a young girl with Tourette’s; Granny’s Got Game, about a septuagenarian women’s basketball team; Maria of Many, a documentary about a mother and activist in San Francisco; Running Dry, a film about the ongoing Greek economic crisis; Sidewalk, an animated comedy; Sound Shadows, an animated experimental; and Tiny Miny Magic, a comedy about an unlikely friendship between a woman and her mailman. The Corvallis offering of the festival is being sponsored by Samaritan Health Services – Cancer Program and the Corvallis Clinic – Project Her, with benefits going to the Women’s Cancer Coalition.

“I personally love comedies, so my favorite is Tiny Miny Magic,” says Spillner of the dynamic lineup of films.” ”There’s a funny twist at the end that I always think about.” But then, what I am thinking about right now is the Crunchy Peanut Butter flavor bar, so there’s that.

The Corvallis screening is at 7 p.m. on Saturday January 25th at LaSells. Tickets start at $15, with $12 options for students / seniors and only $5 with an Oregon Trail Card. You can find out more about the festival at, and buy tickets at