Humans of Corvallis

Humans of Corvallis LOGOYou might believe that “liking” one more page on Facebook will cloud your newsfeed more than which Downton Abbey character your third-grade boyfriend is or the “like-new” mattress a co-worker is selling on a virtual garage sale. But the following page will truly delight the human spirit of anyone.

Humans of Corvallis, inspired by Humans of New York, are photo stories of the people living in Corvallis. Vinay Bikkina created Humans of Corvallis on the snow days last February after realizing someone had started a Corvallis version, but allowed the page to go dormant. The resurrection has gained over 1,160 “likes” in this short period of time.

“Every day for about a half-hour I walk around with my list of questions. I try to find interesting things to share with the world,” said Bikkina. He gathered part of the questions from the New York page and the rest he composed with help from friends. The questions start out light, bio-style, and then get more difficult. Bikkina said, “Deep questions: What trait do you share with your parents the most. Your happiest moment. Saddest moment.”

Bikkina graduates from Oregon State University this June with a degree in computer science. He loves photography and has worked for the Barometer. “I carry my camera in my school backpack. Certainly it’s been good practice for portraits. Trying to capture the person in the photo. Their personality.”

When asked if creating Humans of Corvallis has sparked any changes in his life, he smiles. “I’m more open. More open-minded. More willing to meet new people and hear their stories.”

Bikkina says his happiest moments in life are “When I visit India. I get to visit my extended family, and travel around to different towns.” He has accepted a job in Washington state and plans to continue this project with Humans of Seattle.

At this time he does not know who will take over Humans of Corvallis, although people are interested. “I think it will be hard to give up Humans of Corvallis, but it’ll be nice to see what others can do with it.”

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By Mandy Clark