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vetcollageWhether you are a brand new pet parent, a long time owner or one whose livelihood depends on animals (farmer, rancher or stage magician), finding a dependable quality veterinarian that you trust is more than important. It’s vital. To help you out, here’s a list of veterinary clinics in Corvallis and the surrounding areas. We hope this guide will help you find the perfect doctor for your animal friend/employee!

Town and Country Animal Clinic
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Town and Country Animal Clinic is a full service veterinary medical facility. They offer many services besides regular exams, from bathing and boarding to house calls and laser therapies. They also offer behavioral medicine, which combines veterinary medicine and pet training to diagnose and address behavioral issues in companion animals. They also offer hospice and euthanasia services, for clients who are unable to care for their elderly or terminally ill pet. Interestingly, they also offer acupuncture to treat illnesses and injuries. Town and Country Animal Clinic is located at 2621 9th Street in Corvallis. Their phone number is 541-752-9914. You can also visit their website at

Alpine Animal Hospital
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Alpine Animal Hospital is a full service clinic, as well as offering farm and house calls. They offer routine exams and surgeries, dental procedures and nutritional counseling. Nutritional counseling can be helpful to owners who need assistance choosing a proper diet for their animal, or for animals that are overweight and need special dietary restrictions to improve their health. Alpine Animal Hospital is located at 5120 NW Highland Drive. Their phone number is 541-752-7747 and you can visit their website at

Willamette Veterinary Clinic
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Willamette Veterinary Clinic is the only 24-hour emergency clinic in the Willamette Valley. They always have a veterinarian on-site, and they run a state-of-the-art clinic. They offer a wide range of services, including vaccinations, dental care, microchips, nutritional counseling, internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, advanced diagnostic testing, and more. They are also unique in that they keep many types of blood on hand so that they can perform blood transfusions. In case of an emergency, they recommend that you call before coming in, so that the staff can prepare for your pet and make sure they can get right to work. In the event that you use a different vet, but take your animal here for an emergency, they will transfer all information to your personal veterinarian after the emergency. They are located at 1562 SW 3rd Street in Corvallis. Their phone number is 541-753-2223 and you can check out their website at

Animal Ark Hospital and Eastgate Veterinary Clinic:
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These are two separate clinics that work together. They feature flexible appointment scheduling and daycare services, as well as exams and treatments for companion and small farm animals. They are unique in that they offer an open hospital environment. This means that the owner of the pet may be present during any and all medical procedures, from simple vaccinations to complex surgery. They also offer discounts to senior citizens and local rescue groups. Eastgate is located at 33888 Peoria Road in Corvallis. Their phone number is 541-752-3786. Animal Ark is located at 1100 Applegate Street in Philomath, and their phone number is 541-929-5061. You can also visit the combined website at

All Creatures Great and Small Veterinary Clinic
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This is the newest clinic in Corvallis. It is full service to companion animals and horses. They do occasionally treat farm animal pets, but it is recommended to call ahead and ask. The main features of the clinic are it’s heated cages and operating table, separate dog and cat rooms, and an ICU ward. They are also soon to be performing electrocardiograms. They are located at 4710 Elliot Circle in Corvallis. You can reach them at (541) 758-7280 or on their website at

West Hills Animal Hospital
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West Hills is a full service companion and small animal clinic that offers many services, including dentistry and oral surgery, along with avian care and care of other exotics. They offer physical rehabilitation for conditions such as lameness, hip dysplasia, obesity, and muscle problems. They are located at 430 SW 53rd Street in Corvallis. You can reach them at 541-758-4509 or online at

Corvallis Veterinary Hospital
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This Corvallis practice serves small and companion animals. They offer programs like wellness exams, surgery, dentistry, and geriatric and senior pet care. They are located at 1543 NW 9th Street in Corvallis, and can be reached at 541-752-5595. Their website is

Oregon State University Teaching Hospital:
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The small animal clinic at this practice treats complex medical issues, primarily in dogs and cats. They also offer services in oncology, minimally invasive surgeries, and reproductive medicine. The large animal clinic offers the same kind of care for large animals and ruminants. They also provide a mobile vet for equine and food animal medicine. The small animal clinic can be reached at 541-737-4812 and the large animal clinic at 541-737-2858. They are located at 700 SW 30th Street in Corvallis, and online at

by Kyra Young