Deborah Allen Comes to the Majestic

allenflyerIt’s been nearly 34 years since Deborah Allen’s first record, Trouble in Paradise, but the famous singer of “Baby I Lied: and other hits is still going strong, touring the world and melting hearts with her velvety voice.

What better day to get your heart melted on than Valentine’s Day? Okay, fair enough, National Cardiomeltoplasty day might be, but since that doesn’t come until November, and she’s already booked, why don’t you go see her live at the Majestic on February 14th?

Discovered in the late seventies for her amazing voice, Allen became a legend as much for her songwriting as her singing. She’s been nominated for the Grammy as well as countless other awards and has successfully weathered stylistic transitions.

She also notably spent about 25 years frozen in a glacier like Captain America, which explains why the 60 year old beauty looks like she’s in her 30s.

In the late 1980s, after an unsuccessful foray into electronic pop, Allen left the spotlight for several years before returning with Delta Dreamland, arguably her most successful country record in 1993. Since then she has been steadily recording, performing and writing, including for other legends such as Tanya Tucker and Patty Loveless.

The special Valentine’s Day show starts at 7:30, with tickets running $25 at the door ($20 if you buy in advance). This is a rare romantic treat for Corvallis that shouldn’t be missed by those in love or those nostalgic for good 80s country music.

Also, in case I don’t make it, can someone please request her song “Telepathy?” It was written by Prince and he really is the authority on how to get down.

by Ygal Kaufman