Cosmic Chameleon Pulls Disappearing Act

By Maggie Nelson

CosmicYou may know the Cosmic Chameleon from their quirky and eclectic selection of wares, or the unique array of local artisanal pieces they carry. And if you have ever crossed the threshold into their wacky and wonderful retail realm, you may or may not have left with a tie dye frock, softly used Hello Kitty pumps, a few indispensable feather boas, and a locally crafted set of earrings, but you’ll undoubtedly have appreciated the staff and owners for their kind and sincere character. 

Sadly, the Cosmic Chameleon will be closing their doors on Oct. 1, and as they prepare to forge a new path, they want to say thank you to the Corvallis community, who cherished and supported the business throughout the years. 

Since 2009, the owners, Nikki and Joyelle, have been providing the community with a constantly changing selection of consignment goods. 

“We would like to take the time to thank our community and honor them for supporting us for almost five years,” said Nikki. 

So, in a manner of saying goodbye and thank you at the same time, the Cosmic Chameleon will be hosting several sales throughout the remainder of their time. Beginning Sept. 2 through Sept. 15 all items will be 50% off, and from Sept. 16 through Sept. 30 everything drops to 75% off. So come get the last of the Chameleon gems, get an early start on those Halloween costumes, and bid farewell to an iconic Corvallis business. 

Remember also that in-store credit and unused gift certificates must be used before Oct. 1, as well as any remaining artisan consignment items, which must be collected before the doors close.


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4 thoughts on “Cosmic Chameleon Pulls Disappearing Act

  1. I wanted to like this store and visited a few times. But the gal that ran it was always so hyperactive and breathlessly following me around, I felt overwhelmed. Plus the prices were way too high for the items and the place was CLUTTERED. My hope is they learned from the experience and open another store with a much better plan and a more professional person running the shop. There’s always room for this kind of business and I’d sure shop at it.

    1. If you can’t say anything nice, keep your mouth shut! They are wonderful, sweet people and even if you don’t think so now is NOT the time to say anything. Shame on you.

  2. I will miss this place! A true treasure in Corvallis! You never knew what you were going to find! Yes, it could be crowded, but I always found something I just had to have! These gals know exactly what I would like, and offer it up! I will miss this quirky fun place, and especially the shoes! I am looking forward to what these lovely ladies have in store for us in the future! Love you gals!

  3. My perception of the owners was animated and friendly, down to earth, open, and embracing of people from all different walks of life. There were many difficult and sometimes in need customers I witnessed them handle and guide with grace and compassion. I was able to appreciate the sometimes cluttered feel of the store because it added an ambiance that felt warm and beautiful treasures seemed hidden everywhere my eyes could see, I loved it. I will hold space in my heart for both these strong, beautiful women in their no doubt lively and fruitful adventures ahead.

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