Corvallis Makes the Grade

By Kyra Young

oregonstatecampusIt’s probably no surprise for many of us living in Corvallis to learn that we reside in a fairly decent college town. Recently, a study done by a leading personal finance social network, WalletHub, used 23 key metrics to find out just how well Corvallis ranks in 2014’s Best & Worst College Cities and Towns in America.

Turns out that Corvallis ranked fourth overall out of 280 U.S. cities. Among small cities (designated as those with less than 100,000 people), Corvallis ranked 17th overall, 88th in quality of higher education, 41st in cost of higher education, 127th in the number of nightlife options per capita (no surprise there!), 29th in city accessibility, 51st in crime rate, and 28th in number of students per capita.

WalletHub examined 280 cities of varying sizes across three equally weighted dimensions, namely “Wallet Wellness,” “Youth-Oriented Environment,” and “Opportunities.”

Wallet Wellness consisted of factors such as housing costs, adjusted cost of living for young people, cost of higher education, and percentage of rental units. The Youth-Oriented Environment dimension took into consideration factors like number of students per capita, student gender balance, crime rate, and number of nightlife options. Opportunities took into account factors such as earning potential for people with a bachelor’s degree or higher, percentage of part-time jobs, unemployment rate, and entrepreneurial activity.

In determining the cities and towns for the study, WalletHub limited its selection to those with a university or college population of at least 10,000 students.

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