Corvallis Has Yoga Options Galore

yogaAround this time of year many Corvallisites will be resolving to get fit, sexy, loose, relaxed, energized, stronger, better, faster, harder…well, I don’t know about all that. But if you’re a local with any of the above on the menu, yoga is a great route to take that will likely become an addiction, rather than tossed aside like your collection of 90210 DVDs. Here are some great options that our city has to offer.

Bikram Yoga
Too cold for yoga? Try Bikram. The hot room alone is worth it. Warm up on your mat (you’ll want a towel, too) in front of the wall of mirrors. When class starts the overhead lights come on, and if you were expecting some gentle stretching, you will be sorely mistaken, pun intended. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after. Bikram is challenging and you will sweat! Classes are 90 minutes. Casey’s instruction is seamless and encouraging, as she explains the benefits of the poses and how to do them correctly. Like all yoga, the positive feelings you experience are cumulative, so keep going!

1750 B SW 3rd Street

Yoga Center
Mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps, chairs, wall ropes, back bender benches, a pelvic swing, sand bags, and even eye pillows. The Yoga Center is an adult yogi’s playground! Innovative use of props plus a strong focus on alignment, strength, balance, and meditation makes this studio great for getting a deeper understanding of the postures, your body and the way it all works. If you are looking for a gentle, yet challenging class with an emphasis on quieting the mind and a great shivasana, this studio is for you.

111 NW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97330
(541) 757-3704

Live Well Yoga
Welcoming teachers, and a cozy atmosphere make Live Well a very inviting place to develop your yoga practice. If it’s hard for you to build up the courage to take a yoga class, convenient and frequent class times and the experienced instructors there should help you get on the right track. Suitable for all levels, Live Well offers a wide variety of classes. Whatever yoga style you are looking for, whether it’s your basic flow, warm ashtanga vinyasa, restorative, or even lunchtime Pilates, you’ll find it here.

971 NE Spruce Avenue, Suite 101

Sweet Yoga
Do you wake up creaking and cracking? Do you have a difficult time relaxing or finding the time for quiet reflection? Sweet Yoga offers relief. Offering a unique style of yoga called Svaroopa, meaning “the bliss of one’s own being,” Christine expertly guides you into gentle yet often intense poses, encouraging you to relax and soften by deepening your breath, staying present, and clearing your mind. Less physically demanding than other types, this style of yoga inherently lends itself to meditation and, willing or not, with Christine’s soothing voice coaxing you out of the world and into your self, you will find yourself lost in that nice cozy quiet place.

834 NE 2nd Street

Bliss Like This Yoga
This little hidden gem is tucked away in the charming neighborhood of Crystal Lake Drive. The studio has a comforting southwestern adobe feel to it, and Laura has a warm and grounding presence that reminds you that you are exactly where you need to be. A self-admitted yoga nerd, Laura is continually attending workshops, classes, and trainings, which definitely comes through in her practice. You can drop in or sign up for class sessions. If you are looking to strengthen your core and enjoy the outdoors, Bliss Like This now offers Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga, combining your paddleboarding skills with yoga poses!

2410 SE Crystal Lake Drive

If you’re ready for a true workout, Ecofusion will not disappoint. Remaining true to the poses, powering through vinyasas, and employing creative flowing sequences, these classes are challenging and fun. This studio offers a unique variety of classes including belly dance, capoeira, Brazilian samba, early morning “boot camp,” power yoga, prenatal yoga, mama baby yoga, candle light yoga, and even reflective meditation with gentle yoga. Whew! Plus, this is the only studio in town that offers a weekly acroyoga practice (balancing a partner in therapeutic poses). The expertise and enthusiasm is impressive, and improvement happens rapidly. Not for the faint of heart, as toppling over is all a part of learning!

116 SW 4th Street

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by Maria Brown