Corvallis Arrest Gets Over 17,800 YouTube Hits

corvallispoliceyoutubeMany of you may have already seen this video, but if you haven’t, skip to the bottom and check it out. Essentially what you’ve got is a clip from downtown Corvallis showing a man resisting arrest and eventually being tackled and taken away. Because the video missed the beginning of the encounter, no information is available as to whether or not he was being detained as opposed to arrested, or really what the circumstances that led to the situation were. There was some commentary about this online from observers, but nothing corroborated. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped commentators online from filling in the blanks themselves.

The man shouts repeatedly, “Why am I being arrested?”, to which the officer responds, “DUI.” Then the man shifts gears and asks for proof, insinuating that this is a legal justification for resisting arrest. Eventually the police have no choice but to take him down, having requested that he comply a few dozen times… and they do it with very minimal violence. During all this, every so often a bystander verbally harasses the police, moves in too close, and has to be told to get back, or he repeats phrases like, “Time to go on the Internet” or “Public police review will be on review!” Whatever that means.

One Joseph Munoz comments on YouTube, “America is slowly turning into a police state…” This is true, if by police state one means “a bunch of people that get all of their legal knowledge from cop shows.” The man being arrested in the video, if he had started out innocent… he didn’t end up that way, either because he chose not to, or was completely ignorant of the law. Are some laws unfair? Absolutely. But you need to actually understand them before making such a determination. The police were well within their operating procedures – and for good reason — to have justifiably flattened him as soon as he started fighting to stay out of cuffs, but they didn’t. Personally, those are the kind of cops I hope are on the scene when I’m getting arrested for extremely decent exposure.

It’s the duty of the people to protect themselves from tyranny, but what is witnessed on this video only shows the tyranny of a bunch of chowderheads egging someone on while he acts as his own worst enemy. Corvallis is too smart for groupthink; any one of the onlookers could have given this guy some good advice.