Bipolar Disorder: Help Is Just a Phone Call Away

2guglyhBipolar disorder is often confused for other mental illnesses, and vice versa, due to many shared symptoms – not to mention the fact that the mind is incredibly complicated, making a way for unique individuals to all present within their illnesses differently. If you do feel like you or someone you know might have a problem, the first step is always to seek out a professional opinion. It couldn’t hurt!

If you have health insurance, one surefire way is to visit your doctor and talk about getting a referral to a specialist. Some people are apprehensive about taking the leap towards visiting a psychologist or psychiatrist, but this isn’t completely necessary, as there are doctors, nurse practitioners and the like out there who are well-versed in mental health and can make a less intimidating or expensive introduction towards getting on a healthier life path.

Benton County’s Adult Mental Health program can be reached via 541-766-6835, or if you are in a crisis call 888-232-7192 – the latter is a 24-hour help line.

Another great resource is the National Alliance on Mental Health. They have several support groups in the area. For more information, check out